PLASTER GLASS (GRG) grgmanafacture

Plaster Glass (GRG) is a strong, durable and lightweight material suitable for building architectural curves, angles or contemporary ‘sculpture’.

The material consists of super-fine casting plaster, reinforced with continuous filament glass fibre strands and galvanised metal channel. The material benefits from being Non-combustible and has a nil-rating for surface spread of flame, ensuring a high safety standard.

Plaster glass is extensively used in shopping centres, airports and office developments, typically forming bulkheads with sharply defined steps columns and complex angles, or contemporary sculptures enhancing main communal areas

Our Plaster-Glass column casings are used to conceal unattractive building elements. Producing sleek modern looking forms, these can also incorporate integrated skirting and head details.

We have developed fast and efficient installation methods that not only control accuracy and alignment, but also ensure that all joints achieve the required finish.

Our expert team can design bespoke columns to suit your purpose; curves, angles and complex shapes are all within our capability